1. 美容関係

2. 健康関係

3. 化粧品

4. お風呂用品

5. 台所用品

6. 家電

7. 工業製品


Matsuyama Corporation is a Japanese organization, which started in 1998 as a trader and became a corporate company in 2009. We are now an enterprise dealing in international trading, organizing OEM/ODM productions, Japanese High quality products, traditional products in Japan and purchasing products for overseas customers.Our broad vision and experience in many fields allows us to find appropriate business solutions for our partners.We aim to assist our partners in achieving their goals. We welcome medium companies worldwide to become our customers and partners. Our main activity is foreign trade operations selling Japanese products. We specialize in supplying high quality Japanese products including, amongst others, used facilities and used cars. We ensure that our products are of excellent quality and competitively priced.To request further information, please contact us at our Form site.