Matsuyama Shoji Corporation is a Japanese organization, which started in 1998 as a trader and became a corporate company in 2009. We are now an enterprise dealing in international trading, organizing OEM/ODM productions, Japanese High quality products, traditional products in Japan and purchasing products for overseas customers.Our broad vision and experience in many fields allows us to find appropriate business solutions for our partners.We aim to assist our partners in achieving their goals. We welcome medium companies worldwide to become our customers and partners. Our main activity is foreign trade operations selling Japanese products. We specialize in supplying high quality Japanese products including, amongst others, used facilities and used cars. We ensure that our products are of excellent quality and competitively priced.To request further information, please contact us at our Form site.

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We sell Japanese products all over the world.

We introduce to the world the best products made in Japan, original products planned in Japan, and products handled by our company. We are a company that exports and proposes high-quality Japanese products to overseas markets. Japanese products are highly evaluated and trusted all over the world. In overseas business, our experience and sales capabilities allow us to act as an authorized agent for Japanese companies.

As all companies are looking ahead, globalization has expanded over the past 20 years. In the next 20 to 30 years as well, overseas expansion will be the key to your company’s growth. Through tie-ups with leading specialized agencies and analysis of country-specific data, we can pinpoint your needs. Our specialized agencies research consumer trends around the world. We find the right markets for your products. Our expert lawyers are also available to assist you.

Currently, the economies of Russia and CIS countries are in a very sluggish state due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, looking to the future, if Russia and CIS countries do not improve their infrastructure, focus on domestic production, and increase their national strength, they will be left behind overseas. With an eye on the future, we would like to supply Japanese-made machine tools, hydraulic equipment, solenoid valves, and other products.

What we can do now is to start on the path to success with new jobs and new companies. Companies can start on the path to future development by meeting new people. We hope that the encounter between people and companies will start a new story.